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Automating E&P Processing and Subsurface Modelling Workflows

Posted by Victoria Belan on January 14, 2016
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Current E&P processing and subsurface modelling workflows are segmented and empirical, leading to complexities, dependencies and unbearable turnaround times. In some cases, they lead to flawed subsurface predictions, and poor capital allocation decisions. Within current main-stream E&P software platforms only 5-10 % of users are able to design and program their own customized workflows. Even when a workflow is built, major underlying issues remain, such as: dependency towards experts; poor traceability of data sets and assumptions; lock-in to deterministic approaches (which fail to consistently characterize uncertainties).

Seisquare’s core mission is to develop and market integrated and optimized E&P workflows that drastically reduce turnaround times and bring consistent uncertainty quantification and propagation throughout the E&P cycle. This, in turn, brings a rational understanding of the predictive capability of subsurface models and supports optimal E&P capital allocation decisions. Seisquare workflows are implemented using UDOMORE software. Our software makes stochastic technology seamlessly accessible to non-experts and will enable Geoscientists to:

  • Interactively customize workflows to specific E&P project needs
  • Update project 1P, 2P, 3P scenarios in quasi real time
  • Consistently quantify and propagate uncertainties
  • Deliver accurate subsurface predictions with quantified confidence intervals
Seisquare’s current focus is to roll-out software products underlying the UDOMORE stochastic reservoir structure modelling workflow. We have been applying this workflow as consultants on a wide range of projects (France, Norway, UK, Middle-East, South Atlantic, North Africa) with excellent feedback from operations in terms of speed of execution and accuracy of predictions.

Seisquare is also receiving powerful feedback from users of the commercially available UDOMORE Depth Ocean plug-in to Petrel, which is a cornerstone to the workflow. Users are recommending UDOMORE Depth for its strong added value within Petrel. They have been telling us: “this is the best software I have seen in many years”; “I was able to build my velocity model with UDOMORE Depth in a day, instead of one month with Petrel”; “I am super impressed and the software is easy to use”.
Building on success with the commercially available UDOMORE Depth Ocean plug-in to Petrel, as well as powerful validation by the software user community, Seisquare has submitted a project proposal to ITF (Industry Technology Facilitator) aiming to roll out the full suite of UDOMORE plug-ins that are required to fully automate the stochastic reservoir structure modelling workflow (click here for the project overview). Support Seisquare by contacting us ( and expressing interest. Also keep a look out for product release announcements throughout 2016!

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