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SEISQUARE WEBINAR: From PSDM velocity cube to reliable 3D velocity model

Posted by Victoria Belan on November 4, 2016
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main pic.pngJoin our new 30 mn webinar: “From PSDM velocity cube to reliable 3D velocity model”

Our first Webinar “Are PSDM velocities reliable?”  was attended by over 20 Oil&Gas companies and 50 participants last June.  Today we are excited to announce our second webinar that will show you not only a real case study on PSDM velocities but will guide you from the processing PSDM velocity cube to the reliable 3D velocity model you need for depth conversion. 

In this webinar we will introduce the theory behind Spatial Data Conditioning (SDC) algorithm and then focus on a real case study showing a clear before/after picture.

Session 1: Thursday 10 November 10:30 am (Paris Time)

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Session 2: Thursday 10 November 09:00 am (Houston Time)/ 04.00 pm (Paris Time)

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For reviewing our last Webinar : “Are PSDM velocities reliable?” CLICK HERE

For technical information about the Spatial Data Conditioning (SDC) approach, see our EAGE VIENNA 2016 publication: “Are PSDM depth interpretations reliable? CLICK HERE

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