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Instantly add a 10x boost to your depth conversions to reduce turnaround time

UDM-Depth instantly and simply applies stochastic time-to-depth conversion on multiple layers and includes all sources of uncertainty to deliver mutliple and accurate velocity  and depth scenarios in minutes , not days.


All uncertainties

One single workflow integrates all layers and all sources of uncertainty (time picking, velocity law parameters, velocity residuals and well depth markers) in a consistent way, through one single probabilistic model for estimation or simulation.


Multiple layers

Perform multilayer depth conversion, taking into account all the relationships between horizons determined by the velocity model associated to each layer.


Quantified accuracy

Get objective results with quantified accuracy through mathematically proven models that include and consistently propagate all sources of uncertainty.


Near real-time

Generate thousands of depth realizations and hundreds of velocity and depth scenarios in one single run and in minutes, not days.

Learn how to optimise and quantify uncertainty on your time and velocity maps  before depth conversion.

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What our customers said

Scotty Salamoff Houston, Texas

The statistical approach to many of the geological and geophysical problems we face, will be the norm in less than a decade. Seisquare is at the ground floor of that revolution.

Nicolas.N Paris, France

Finally, a powerful, ultra-fast and easy-to-use time-to-depth conversion plugin running on Petrel. It provides a lot of powerful outcomes in just a few minutes (Estimated depth & velocity uncertainty maps) 

Jonathan. B Calgary, Canada

The control on velocity modeling allows us to visualise mismatches between the estimated depth trend values and the well depth marker values before performing any computation. It saves a lot of time.